Erick Henderson Workshops

Crystal Healing, Prosperity, Psychic Self Defence

Workshops on any of the topics listed normally last 1 day from 10am - 4pm. Workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of individuals or groups. Topics can be combined.Talks are available, typically 1 hour on most aspects of crystal healing, psychic self defence, prosperity systems and affirmations suitable for absolute beginners to advanced, evening classes and colleges, psychic development groups, yoga classes, meditation & alternative study groups. You can see the current workshops on the left side of this page ' Erick workshop dates'

Level 1 Crystal Healing

Intended for those with little or no experience of crystal healing, this one day workshop covers:

A brief history of crystal healing

What crystals do

Crystal hand reflexology

Theory of crystal healing

The psychic senses

How to use a pendulum

How to choose a crystal

Crystals for pain relief & general healing

Crystals for intuitive / psychic development

Protection & crystal cleansing

Crystal meditation

Level 2 crystal healing

Intended for, but not limited to, those who have taken level 1 or who have some experience of crystal healing. This one day workshop covers:

The 7 Chakra system

Laying on of Stones

Chakra scanning

Using a crystal wand

Protection techniques

Orgonite Grids

programming quartz crystals

new age facelift

aura clearing techniques

introducing danburite, charoite, serafina, turquoise

working with moldavite

goal balancing

energy hygiene, the healing crisis

crystal combinations for specific problems

and time permitting maybe a little about crystals and astrology, gem elixirs or numerology

Level 3 crystal healing

Intended for, but not limited to, those who have taken level 2 or who have previous experience of crystal healing. This one day workshop covers:

The Aura

Distant healing

advanced protection

Curses, vows & thoughtforms

Auric implants

Past & future lives

Space clearing

Signature healing & Auragraphs

Use of specific goals

extra chakras

Gem Elixirs

Workshops are hands on, exploring and working with subtle energy. Workshops are fairly loosely structured and what we do will be tailored to the needs of the group on the day. There is normally very little written work

We provide brief information sheets and a Certificate of Completion is available for each level.

All of the materials / crystals are supplied and on crystal healing workshops there is usually a small collection of stones available to buy at the end of the workshop.

  Prosperity Systems

You've probably heard of Cosmic Ordering. You may have prayed for help with your finances or relationships, rubbed the belly of a luck Buddha or tossed a coin in a wishing well.

So do these things work ? Do they have any basis by which they can be judged and evaluated ? What are the rules, if any ?

From the "Law of Attraction" to" Lucky stones", from "Prosperity Theology" to "Voodoo". Looking at the many ways in which people try to invoke, coerce, plead with and generally manipulate the "Life force" into playing ball and granting their wishes. 

Prosperity systems can be a one hour talk, a 1/2 day or full day workshop or a series of 6 x 2 hour evening workshops.

On the longer modules there are a variety of options for practical work such as constructing a "vision board", programming crystals, building thoughtforms, psychological tools to help you get clear about what you want, guided meditation etc. The exact mix can be tailored to different types of groups.

Psychic Self Defence
from the psychological, energetic and health implications of bullying to the distress of full blown "psychic attack" and "demonic possession". PSD looks at what happens when people are subjected to energetic interference. Notice that around a happy person you will often feel lighter and uplifted, around a depressed person there is often a sense of heaviness. In both cases as if something from the other person has "rubbed off" on you, affected you in some way. The notion that people exchange energies is not new. You may notice a draining effect when you visit a hospital. Sick people are often depleted energetically and seek ( usually unconsciously) to meet their subtle energy needs from the people and objects in their surroundings.
PSD seeks to bring the unconscious process of energy exchange into conscious awareness. To teach you to recognise energetic interference in yourself and others, to learn about your own energy field and its patterns of interaction. This is usually not an overnight process and the PSD talk / workshop will give you insight, tools and a basis for learning about this fascinating, challenging and often controversial field. Tools and insights that will be useful to you for the rest of your life.