£ 10.00
 Classic Orgonite cone extra wide large, wide base Orgonite cone 70mm height x 60mm base
unpolished, smooth surface

£ 30.00
Classic Orgonite  pyramid  80mmunpolished with rough sides that have a wonderful " touch me " feel.
80mm high x 70mm base ( 3.5"  x 3"  )
weight 350 - 400 grams ( 12 ounces )
item are handmade, size & weight are approximate and may vary by 10% either way

£ 5.00
Classic Orgonite cone regular Orgonite cone 75mm height x 30mm base
unpolished, smooth surface. 
Orgonite cones are used singly for placing near computers or other electrical devices or in grids of 2, 3, 4 or more cones for placing around meditation or healing areas or for distant healing. 

£ 5.00
Classic Orgonite Diamond 60mmPocket Orgonite, just right to pop in a pocket or purse.
 diamond 35 mm height x 60 mm wide, unpolished, smooth surface

£ 45.00
Classic Orgonite Pyramid  110mmGold top Orgonite pyramid. 
110mm high x 90mm base ( 4.5"  x 4"  )
weight 750 - 850 grams ( 1.5 lbs )
item are handmade, size & weight are approximate and may vary by 10% either way

£ 9.95
Classic Orgonite Pyramid 60mm
Our best seller !

EMf sensitivity, psychic development work, meditation - a hundred and one uses

60 - 65 mm orgonite pyramid
comes in dozens of different colours and may vary from the typical examples shown in the picture.
if you need a particular colour put a comment in the box at checkout, otherwise we send at random

£ 25.00
CleopatraSelf healing, self nurturing, self worth
Removes self-loathing, guilt, shame, activates the ability to self-love, increases connection to higher self. 
60mm turquoise top orgonite pyramid. channelled remedy.


£ 28.00
CurioTo accept ourselves is to accept others. This orgonite brings us to a place where we can see ourselves as perfect in our imperfectness


£ 40.00

For bringing wealth

( click  DETAILS for more info )

A new channelled orgonite remedy   created and hand made by Erick Henderson.

60 mm orgonite pyramid 

Not sure if its for you ?

We're so confident you will have a deeply meaningful interaction with any of our orgonite remedies, if you are not happy, for any reason, or no reason at all, simply return it within 30 days and we'll give you your money back in full, including the postage ( UK only ).

£ 45.00
Golden Healer OrgoniteDeep healer, repairs subtle energy, reinforces your protective shield, good for self-healing, good for healers, connects you to guidance, an energetic companion for spiritual and healing development

You'll fall in love with this Golden healer Orgonite. Made from 24ct gold and double skinned resin set at VERY high temperature, these are stunning visually and have a deliciously subtle and coherent energy.  80 - 90mm high and 70 - 80mm base
£ 25.00
Maitreya no.1

Free negativity. This orgonite has very special properties, connecting it can have a profound effect on your emotional state, freeing you from things that have consciously bothered you for a long time.
click DETAILS for more info. 
 60mm orgonite pyramid

£ 27.00
Maitreya no.2

Heart healer, connects to unconditional love, gently release inhibiting energy, promotes clear communication, connect to source
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 60mm orgonite pyramid

£ 2.00
Orgonite Discs

Cheap & cheerful these budget orgonite discs are often used for putting in plant pots or for 'gifting' - placing at the foot of mobile phone masts or electricity pylons.
30mm orgonite discs in a variety of colours & styles. Please note these are UNPOLISHED and may have rough edges.

£ 255.00
Orgonite Pyramid 5 kg Very large Orgonite Pyramid.
ET green with various 
Orgone cells and crystal configurations internally.
weight around 5 kg.
height 175mm x base 250mm (7" x 10")

£ 14.00
Orgonite Ziggurat ( not programmed) Orgonite Ziggurat ( flat top pyramid). 

£ 18.00
Orgonite Ziggurat ( programmed) Orgonite & Crystal Ziggurat ( flat top pyramid). 

£ 33.00

This orgonite is created with your relationship with you in mind

£ 24.00
Paradox orgonite

For rewriting ‘history’ on a molecular level. 

60mm pyramid

£ 45.00

Psychic development coach writes "Had a wonderful experience with Sohsaya 1 and 2 this week with the lovely Sue during her development class with me. So much so she bought both!" click DETAILS for more information

£ 25.00
Sohsaya no.1

The soft, etheric, expansive Sohsaya 1 excites the crown to trigger a blissful third eye crown connection to higher planes and soft high frequency meditations. click DETAILS for more info

60mm light blue top orgonite pyramid. channelled remedy

£ 25.00
Sohsaya no.2

Sohsaya 2 with its purposeful channel to grounding the properties of   connection, and communication.

60mm dark blue top orgonite pyramid. channelled remedy

£ 33.00

Unity is joyful remedy that serves as a Fairy Godmother to your desires when it comes to relationships.

60mm pink top pyramid. channelled remedy