Chakra Harmoniser

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Chakra HarmoniserChakra Harmoniser, available in a variety of colours
Each one comes with a satin drawstring pouch.

Often used with the 7 Chakra Yogic or Rainbow system.

Each of the 7 chakras has traditional associations with a variety of physical, mental and emotional / psychic states.

When the energy of a Chakra is out of balance it results in disorder or illness.

Bring the chakra into balance and you remove the cause of the disorder, allowing the body / mind to repair itself.

The Atlantianite chakra harmonisers are designed to bring balance. To find out if they will work for you. hold in your left hand and you will feel warmth or tingling in the problem area or a quite rapid reduction in pain levels.

Try a couple of different colours to see the difference.

Buy individually or as a complete set of 7
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